Review: With a Kiss I Die

Title: With a Kiss I Die
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Ronnie Khalil
Starring: Ella Kweku, Paige Emerson, George Kopsidas
Runtime: 1 hr 13 mins

What It Is: Juliet Capulet (Kweku) is an almost ageless vampire. One left to her memories of her beloved Romeo. When she meets Farryn (Emerson) a young lady who is going through some things that make her a bit more reckless. Perhaps this young lady can awaken something in the previously lost in Juliet when she watched her love die in her arms. But Farryn seeks something that Juliet may not be able to help her with. As her love for the young American grows by the day.

What We Think: If you read up on this it’d seem this is somehow a years best. It really isn’t. It’s the middle of the road. The acting is pretty good, especially from Kweku. Where they lose me is in the third act. So much is revealed and none of it really feels like a gut punch that we wanted at that point. Currently, audiences have given the film a 100% consensus but I’m not sure I’m seeing the same thing they are. For me, there’s not enough here to give anything other than the grade below.

Our Grade: C-, With its Shakespearean background its a let down that they stayed away from that style with the way in which they crafted the film. I can only slightly recommend this film. It isn’t by any means great. Nor is it good enough. I don’t really know what the audience for this particular film is. Its a bit too niche and its script is in an odd place. I’d like to see Ella Kweku in a bit more. She had an attitude about her here that sticks around the entirety of the film’s runtime.