Review: Sick For Toys

Title: Sick For Toys
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: David Del Rio
Starring:  Camille Montgomery, Jon Paul Burkhart, Justin Xavier
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: Emilia (Montgomery) loves her toys and she loves Christmas. Every year for Christmas her loving brother Edward (Burkhart) gets her whatever toy she wants as a gift. One, kinda big deal, Emilia likes to play with real-life living men. When she runs into the lonely Roy (David Gunning) Emilia looks to have found the perfect gift to ask for as the holiday season nears. But perhaps it’s her naughty little greed that’ll prove her undoing.

What We Think: Del Rio turns out to be the right guy for the job here. The script was written by Justin Xavier who stars in the film and producer James Oster (shoutout to JimmyO!) and it’s one that twists the holiday trope. A bit like Black Christmas and that ilk this film doesn’t rely on the slasher cliche of those and is instead a subtle jab at many different social issues, not the least of these being Stockholm Syndrome, incest and male rape. Camille Montgomery is really good here and she absolutely shines as the star if this. She plays that dangerous naivety with such aplomb it makes the whole film. David Gunning was a real downside to this film and he hurt my overall enjoyment of the film.

Our Grade: B, This is the perfect mix of the murderously macabre and the season of giving. With fall on the horizon and colder weather sinking in, unless you live in Vegas like I do. It’ll begin to look a lot like Christmas. Why not snuggle up with this little horror film that I’m sure you’ll all really enjoy. I am, notoriously not a big fan of horror but I found enough fun elements here that made this an enjoyable watch.

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