Review: The 716th

Title: The 716th
Rating: NR
Director: Andrew Bowen
Starring: John Asher, Andrew Bowen, Drew Curtis
Runtime: 14min

What It Is: Set in 2072, two medics decide to save two soldiers on an alien planet against the orders of command central.

What We Think: It’s a fun little project, something that one can easily read from the director’s enthusiasm and the energy of this Star Warsian/Trekian short. The actors give good delivery and flesh out the characters well. The low-budget special effects are good, as well as the style and creature design. It aims to be fast-paced, which during some moments can be confusing due to heavy and incomprehensible sci-fi jargon. Otherwise, it makes a good start for what is clearly a very personal project that you can tell has much more story to behold.

Our Grade: C, it’s not the most refined or original short, but it’s effective as a pilot for what could be a watchable web-series with some nice production design.

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