Review: Modern Life is Rubbish

Title: Modern Life is Rubbish
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Daniel Gill
Starring: Freya MavorJosh WhitehouseTom Riley
Runtime: 1 hr 45 mins

What It Is: Liam (Whitehouse) loves music and more than anything loves making music. When he meets the lovely Natalie (Mavor) at, of all places, a record store the two hit it off. Flash forward to several years later and the laughs and spark that was once there is no longer. Natalie has settled into a corporate soul-sucking position that almost makes Liam sick…despite it paying the rent. Natalie is tired of Liam’s lack of ambition for anything that isn’t his band. Something’s gotta give.

What We Think: Is this a bit cliche? Yeah. It does feature an utterly fantastic soundtrack who’s show is stole by none other than a track by Liam’s band Head Cleaner. I am a sucker for romance, I think that’s clearly established throughout the history of this site. I love the romance seen here. It shows you can fall out of love, into love and that maybe you can go back. Director Daniel Gill doesn’t lift too much weight but that’s because his cinematographer does all the heavy lifting. Narratively it’s not great but I really think the material is lifted by good performances, especially from Mavor and Whitehouse who have really good chemistry.

Our Grade: C+, I think that this is a film that will surprise some audiences. It’s a good feeling when you leave the theater or finish the film at home. It’s one that’ll leave you satisfied even if the ending isn’t the greatest part of the whole film. Also if you don’t have “Liqourice Allsort Girl” stuck in your head after you might, in fact, be soulless. The rawness brought out shows a side to Whitehouse’s character that he brings out so well. An obvious recommendation but not one without its flaws.

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