Review: Gemini

Title: Gemini
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Aaron Katz
Starring: Lola Kirke, Zoe Kravitz, John Cho
Running Time: 1 hr and 33 mins
What It Is: Set in modern day L.A. where technology and paparazzi prevail, Hollywood actress Heather Anderson (Kravitz) and her committed assistant Jill Lebeau (Kirke) are intertwined in a fatal crime with the crosshairs aimed directly at Jill. Set out to find the true culprit Jill must unravel the truth, and by doing so must unravel the mystery behind a life of stardom and notoriety.

What We Think: One can never go wrong with the use of neon lighting in films to add a sort of “dreamy” state to the film. In this case, the low lights and vibrant colors induce the audience into the haze of the Hollywood lifestyle. While this film draws close comparisons with another L.A. film based around an aspiring and eccentric lifestyle influencer Ingrid in Ingrid goes West, Gemini takes a much darker turn down Hollywood Boulevard. The film has a perfect balance of mysterious allure without too much gore and captivating acting that leaves one wondering what the next move could possibly be. Typical with thriller movies, the story only progresses with each new clue. Rather than chasing down a stream of hints, our protagonist comes face to face with the potential perpetrators of the crime. This change of dynamics helps awaken the audience from their drowsy daze into an elevated and alert state. To heighten the audience’s attention even further, the movie actually does not employ any sort of intense chase scene, leaving the weight of the story to be carried solely by Kirke. Kirke’s character embraces the nature of her reality with an almost dream-like elegance, effortlessly evading getting caught and equally trying to find who’s responsible.

Our Grade: B-, While I was expecting the majority of the film to center around Kravitz, Kirke’s fluid performance gave a new light on the intricacies that take place behind closed doors. A prime example of the lengths we will go for to help our loved ones, Gemini offers a fresh outlook on the celebrity lifestyle and offers the reality that not everything is as glamorous as it seems.

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