Review: The Escape

Title: The Escape
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Dominic Savage
Starring: Gemma ArtertonDominic CooperJalil Lespert
1 hr 41 mins

What It Is: Tara (Arterton) is a housewife to her husband Mark (Cooper). It’s a hard job, taking care of bratty children for an unappreciative husband. One who finds her to be solely for the purposes of having sex with him, cooking him dinner and listening to how HIS day went. When Tara finally decides that enough is enough she makes a decision that changes how she’s perceived and how everyone around her looks at her.

What We Think: So Gemma Arterton is a really surprisingly good actress in most things I see her in. Whether it’s ridiculous fair like that of The Voices or something more serious like The Disappearance of Alice Creed she tends to show up and kill it. Here is no different. Not only is she the heart of the film but the engine that makes it go. Dominic Cooper is good in his small role at being a total asshole. That is perfect because he’s supposed to be. Savage does a decent job directing. Structurally it tells its story really freaking well and I think the script and the story is the strength of the film.

Our Grade: B+, This film came out in May in the states in Limited. Good luck finding it though. If you do manage to see this you’re in for a really good one that might just keep you guessing throughout. There’s a trashy novel feel to the entire affair. I can for sure give a recommendation to this film. Though Jalil Lespert I don’t recommend screw that guys character. I really cannot wait to see whatever Dominic Savage does next. Let’s hope he gets to work with a script as good as this one is.

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