Review: Candy Jar

Title: Candy Jar
MPAA Rating: TV-14
Director: Ben Shelton
Starring: Jacob LatimoreSami GayleTom Bergeron
Runtime: 1 hr 32 mins

What It Is: Lona (Gayle) and Bennett (Latimore) have been rivals since birth. This is because their mothers were very adversarial back in their day. Following an incident, at a debate competition and yet another at an assembly, they’re forced to join forces to reclaim their spot at the top of the debate hierarchy. The real question is can they actually get along long enough to not kill one and other and instead get the job done.

What We Think: This film, while not spectacular in any way is a real surprise. There should not be anything close to resembling a good film to be had here. All of the elements are your standard ones, nothing really stands out as all that spectacular. That being said with enough funny moments scattered throughout and some really fun performance, especially from Latimore and Gayle, it just sort of works. While Shelton’s direction isn’t much to write home about his lack of intrusion lets the actors simmer in their roles. That works, because as I said they give good performances. Overall Not the worst thing in Netflix’ canon, trust me on that one.

Our Grade: C+, Mediocrity is the day with this one. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel and the tropes it does fall into it tries with all it’s might to subvert. It’s an easy film to find pending you have a Netflix account…which like doesn’t everyone at this point. I don’t really recommend it too strongly. I’m not in the business of suggesting mediocrity. Netflix really is trying to improve the quality of SOME of their original films. TRUST ME we’ll get to that. We have a few more of these things coming up.

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