Review: I Kill Giants

Title: I Kill Giants
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Anders Walter
Starring: Madison WolfeZoe SaldanaImogen Poots
Runtime: 1 hr 46 mins

What It Is: Barbara (Wolfe) is a young girl who knows for a fact that she fights and kills giants. She’s prepping for the biggest battle yet against a giant on its way via the ocean. While prepping she meets her new school counselor Mrs. Mollé (Saldana) as well as a new friend in Sophia (Sydney Wade). She lives with her older sister Karen (Poots) who works incredibly hard as their mother seems to be ill in some way. 

What We Think: What a wonderful exploration of grief. Similar to A Monster Calls in the way it deals with children and it’s subject matter. I think Wolfe is magnificent in the lead here. She plays Barbara very straight and makes you feel as though you get why she is the way she is but also where she got her personality from. I won’t ruin the twist as it’s instrumental to the understanding of character motivation when they occur. The bully Taylor comes off a bit too unrealistic, but that’s a very small issue in an otherwise fairly enjoyable exploration of complex issues. One great to watch with the whole family, despite its nature. It opens conversation for parents with their children that are needed. A good icebreaker there.

Our Grade: B+, I had no idea what I was getting into. This is based on an Image Comics graphic novel and Joe Kelly, the comics writer wrote the screenplay…I think it helped. I certainly recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to take a chance on a well-told story with the personal and pitch-perfect direction this is a good way to go. Madison Wolfe is certainly one to watch as well I should mention. Great performance.

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