Review: Sunset

Title: Sunset
MPAA Rating:
Director: Jamison M. LoCascio
Starring: Liam Mitchell, Barbara Bleier, David Johnson, Austin Pendleton
Runtime: 84 minutes
What It Is: A small group of interconnected people face the reality of an impending nuclear attack. Struggling with internal demons and outside fears, they grapple with making the choice to leave, or stay and face the aftermath.

What We Think: The reality of a nuclear attack in today’s society is a fear filled prospect itself, but the chaos and questions that would arise seem beyond comprehension. The films premise plays into these questions but never seems to make it believable enough to create the tension of such a serious topic. The writing lends itself to soapbox speeches that feel more generic than organic, and unfortunately are often delivered in an almost awkward fashion. A breakfast table conversation between mental state anomaly Chris (David Johnson) and Patricia (Barbara Bleier) struggles to find an emotion as the characters ping pong between sad and friendly conversation. And even though Suzette Gunn who portrays Breyanna seems to act her way to a believable presence, the storyline still doesn’t give us insight as to why she is not hoping on the first vehicle and driving as far from New York as possible.

Our Grade: D, It’s not a far stretch to imagine the film’s concept as a reality, unfortunately, it never fabricated into that for me. Chris as a character seemed confusing to me, mostly because his story never seemed clear. The love triangle between Julian (Austin Pendleton), Patricia, and Henry (Liam Mitchell) felt uncomfortable. I do believe the film would have thrived with better dialogue, and maybe a more developed Chris. In a series of uneasy scenes, I found myself hoping Patricia and Henry would have danced just a bit longer, if not for anything else than to end the film on a genuine gesture of emotion.

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