Review: Mohawk

Title: Mohawk
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Ted Geoghegan
Starring: Kaniehtiio HornEzra BuzzingtonEamon Farren
Runtime: 1 hr 31 mins

What It Is: Okwaho (Horn) and her British lover Joshua (Farren) are teamed together with fellow Mohawk warrior Calvin in order to defeat an American troop trying to take the land from the Mohawk and help win this war. When crazed Commander Holt (Buzzington) takes over the troop and Holt in his insanity tries to eliminate everyone and everything associated with the Mohawk people. The thing is the Mohawk won’t go quietly into the night. Fighting for themselves, their people and the spirits of the land they possess.

What We Think: Man this was good. I loved it in its visceral bloody way very similar to Bone Tomahawk. Here’s where the differences lie. It films the dynamic of good guy/bad guy. Where Bone Tomahawk puts the Americans as the good guys facing the savage cannibalistic natives here the natives are being invaded by the Americans. All of the acting in this is excellent here. Not only that but Geohegan keeps it simple here…yet again. With his previous venture, horror film We Are Still Here he kept it easy and what we got was a very VERY good creep flick.

Our Grade: B-, This is one to catch for all of my people who are fans of just real violent cinema. All of the actings decent even from Jon Huber who some may know as Luke Harper from WWE. Where my wrestling fans at? I digress, there’s some great stuff here and while I can’t speak to the accuracy of the native culture I think it’s amazing they have a real authentic Mohawk actress in the lead role. That was excellent and she was fantastic. I’ll look forward to what she does next. A huge recommendation for me check this one out if you can find it.

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