Review: Midnighters

Title: Midnighters
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Julius Ramsay
Starring: Alex EssoePerla Haney-JardineDylan McTee
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: Its midnight New Years Eve. On the way home from a party Lindsay (Essoe) and Jeff (McTee) hit something or someone with their car. When they find out what it is that they’ve hit they try to hide the crime they’ve committed. As revelations come to light from Linday’s sister Hannah (Haney-Jardine) a sinister man shows up at the doorstep, following a visit from the police. This changes the whole game, for the far more dangerous.

What We Think: A surprisingly tense film. There’s a ton to like here. The script is decent, the acting well enough everything seems to go above its budget level. Ramsay works within the confines and delivers much more often than it misses. Some of the character arcs are strong but not well written. There’s something to be said for a smaller film that you have little to no expectations with. It’s a satisfying experience. Alex Essoe is becoming something of a scream queen. Her work here is almost as good as fellow psychological horror film Starry Eyes. By the way, if you haven’t seen that one check it out as well.

Our Grade: C+, If you get the chance to check this one out definitely do so. Some will enjoy the tension and terror built within. Others may find some of the acting to be a bit…off. Take it all in and prepare for the tense, taut drama all wrapped in a nice, bloody good time. This movie is going to be a difficult one to find, but I can assure there’s enough to enjoy. I’ll recommend this, slightly and I’m keeping my eye on Essoe and her next project. Should be a fun journey to take.

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