Review: Marrowbone

Title: Marrowbone
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Sergio G. Sanchez
Starring: George MacKayAnya Taylor-JoyCharlie Heaton
Runtime: 1 hr 50 mins

What It Is: When a family moves into a mysterious house they suspect there might be something going on. When their mother dies unexpectedly the children are tasked with taking care of the home. Not only that but there’s a man that wants to take that home, and his suspicions begin to arise when he doesn’t see the mother for some time. Now the children are doing whatever it takes to hide the truth while dealing with whatever presence is in the home.

What We Think: This film is jam-packed with talent and literally all of it is wasted. Charlie Heaton is better used in the role that made him famous…on Stranger Things. Likewise, Anya Taylor-Joy’s impressed in both The VVitch and Split. In this piece however neither ever find their footing, but for me, it is through no fault of their own. Sanchez can do so much better than this, and he has. His previous two writing credits are absolutely stellar. His own writing did him in here. This script is absolutely atrocious. He can do better, and I trust in his next film he will.

Our Grade: D-, This is a horrible film. There’s not much to enjoy here. Perhaps check out The Impossible or El Orfanato which he wrote. They are far superior works from Sanchez. I cannot, in good conscience recommend this film, now or ever. It’s a real piece of crap. There are other, better films out there to check out in the “haunted house” genre. Look elsewhere if you want engaging scares and a script that get to point a to point b with any sort of sense. Stay away, stay very far away, for your own good.

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