Review: Lunch Ladies (Short – Santa Barbara Film Festival)

Title: Lunch Ladies
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: J.M. Logan
Starring: Donna PieroniMary ManofskyDaisy Kershaw
Runtime: 19 mins

What It Is: Two lunch ladies Seretta (Pieroni) and LouAnne (Manosky) who are obsessed with Johnny Depp are invited to be his personal chefs. They just need to keep working in order to be able to pay for travel expenses since those weren’t included in the letter Depp, or someone from his office sent them. As they continue to work they are gradually insulted over the quality of the food they provide to the students of Melvin High. When they finally snap something happens that’ll change Melvin High’s entire landscape.

What We Think: This short is VERY funny. Both Pieroni and Manosky are hilarious in this. They reminded me, at times of Aunt Spiker and Sponge from James and the Giant Peach. Except they’re lunch ladies at your local high school. The twist in the story is well presented and the film doesn’t go cheap on the effects and blood. This is a horror-comedy short for those that don’t know. It’s an important thing to mention because if you don’t know that you’re going to hate this. I, however, find this both hilarious and fun. It has elements of other films and it was really fun to see the love for Depp and the short is almost an homage to one of Depp’s most popular recent roles.

Our Grade: B+, If you can find this short and you’re a fan of horror this is one that well worth your time. Its equal parts funny and gory. Something like a Tragedy Girls. Except for the teenage girls in that are the school lunch ladies. Check this one out on the festival circuit if it’s playing near your, or visit the film’s website HERE. Well worth a gander if this tickles you.