InteReview: Two Balloons with Director Mark C. Smith (Short -Tribeca 2018)

Title: Two Balloons
MPAA Rating: N/A
Director: Mark C. Smith
Starring: Two Lemurs, Two Dirigibles
Runtime: 9 mins

What It Is: Two lemurs float in dirigibles in the sky. They are looking to meet in a spot of their choosing. With the help of a little bird, the two are on their way to the meet. All of a sudden of thunderstorm hits and these two lemurs just might be in some trouble. As their balloons get along their trajectory might pull the little lemurs in. As the moon lights, the way and the thunder provide the soundtrack.

What We Think: This short is absolutely beautiful. Visually the aesthetic is just breathtaking. It’s stop-motion and like any other film in this art form, the film took forever to make. All of the attention to detail is obvious. As you’ll hear down below director Mark C. Smith is a man who loves the production design element of films and that’s a huge positive of the film. Musically it works, and it has to since the protagonists are silent. Some of the shots Smith decides to run with shows an eye for storytelling. Majestic and captivating are the two words I can use to describe this 9 minute short.

Our Grade: A-, I am going to recommend this short highly. Not only is it helped by its short runtime, but also helped by the utter brilliance and attention to detail by Mark C. Smith. I really enjoyed this short and it invigorated me to check out more of the shorts sent to me by Tribeca, stay tuned for those ones! Anyway below you’ll find our 15-minute interview with Mark C. Smith about lemurs, inspirations and of course In the Mood for Love. Which is always a topic we want to talk about here at FSR.


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