InteReview: Creator and star Naomi Ko director Andrew Ahn as well as producer Carolyn Mao of Nice (Short Tribeca 2018)

Title: Nice
MPAA Rating: N/A
Director: Andrew Ahn
Starring: Naomi Ko, Parvesh CheenaKim Cooper
Runtime: 22 mins

What It Is: Teddy (Ko) is a young Korean woman living in Minnesota. She loves fantasy football and sarcasm. Her sister is getting married and Teddy, who’s the black sheep is hiding a secret that I’m sure many in her family would want to know about. As the black sheep, her conservative Korean-American family just don’t understand what it’s like for her. Then there’s this guy she is really liking who she feels thinks she doesn’t exist, even if the contrary is true.

What We Think: This short is completely hilarious and quite relatable. Not only does Naomi Ko turn Teddy into a character that you can get behind and one whose journey you definitely want to be a part of. When talking about the writing everything is sharp and witty. The family dynamic here is well represented and wonderfully put together. This is one of my favorite things in the short. Aesthetically the short is really good looking particularly the final shot which we discuss in the interview below! Definitely check that out if you wanna know more about this short, which is actually a pilot for something they hope to turn into a television series.

Our Grade: A-, A seriously funny short/pilot that I hope does make it to series. Naomi Ko is someone to look out for as she really does an excellent job writing and acting in this really fun piece. Special thanks to them for reaching out AND for allowing us time with them. I cannot thank them enough. Minnesota looks really stunning in this and I loved that it was set there as it’s not a typical setting for something like this. It goes without saying that I recommend this one.



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