Review: Ready Player One

Title: Ready Player One
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Tye SheridanOlivia CookeBen Mendelsohn
Runtime: 2 hrs 20 mins

What It Is: In the year 2049 Columbus, OH is one of America’s greatest cities. Wade (Sheridan) lives there with his aunt following the death of his parents. To escape he, along with most of the population escape into the VR world of The Oasis. When the creator of The Oasis Halliday passes away he leaves Easter eggs within it that lead to a treasure…the key to the whole thing. Along the way, he’ll meet new friends like Art3mis (Cooke) as well as new enemies like Sorrento (Mendelsohn).

What We Think: What a fun time at the movies! Spielberg is back making movies that leave an indelible mark on those that are young. That wide-eyed wonder I felt at four years old in the theater watching Hook. It’s an early childhood memory, one I cherish. It’s that same look I could see in the children in theater 6. Is it narratively strangled? Somewhat, but Ernest Cline’s love letter to the 80’s is more than faithfully adapted. The visuals are absolutely stunning. Anytime we’re in The Oasis is just an unbelievable looking smorgasbord of CGI. Our main avatars Parzival and Art3mis look incredibly real. Most of the acting is good, even when the script goes into some weird bits.

Our Grade: B+, A far from perfect film this is the best work Olivia Cooke, who I think is rather talented, has done since Me and Earl and the Dying Girl . Sheridan meanwhile continues to be one of Hollywood’s most talented young actors. As an adaptation, this film does what it needs to. Solid and fun I can highly recommend this to everyone and their families, despite a couple of somewhat scary moments. They’ll be able to handle it.