Review: The Clapper

Title: The Clapper
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Dito Montiel
Starring: Amanda SeyfriedLeah ReminiEd Helms
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: Eddie Krumble (Helms) is what they call a clapper. This is a man who sits in the audience of various infomercials. When he is suddenly hit with his 15 minutes of fame he’s unprepared for it. The events that follow end up tearing the very foundation of Eddie’s existence away. An examination of what those precious 15 mins can do and the effect they have on the psyche of men who are unprepared for it.

What We Think: Man Ed Helms cannot catch a break. Dude just isn’t funny. The Hangover was good but not because of him. Stuff like Cedar Rapids and Vacation aren’t exactly great films the latter being absolutely atrocious. Here again, Helms is underwhelming and just comes off as a guy who has no business being in movies. I haven’t a clue what Amanda Seyfried is doing here at all. Montiel’s direction feels scattered and unfocused throughout. There are visual flares in this that feel like they want to be fresh but falter out of the gate due to the extremely poor cinematography. A real let down all across the board.

Our Grade: D, Is this a poor film? Yes! Yes definitely. Should Ed Helms be at the…helm? No, not at all. At least not based on anything I’ve seen from him. Getting through this film should not be a chore. It’s only 89 mins long but I felt like I was watching this for 3 hours. Watching Lord of the Rings feels like less work. I talking all three films Fellowship, Two Towers AND Return of the King…with its 467 endings. A “comedy” that’s rarely funny and retread the very worst of films of this ilk. Overall a certain skip that I cannot recommend AT ALL.

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