Review: Mom and Dad

Title: Mom and Dad
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Brian Taylor
Starring: Nicolas CageSelma BlairAnne Winters
Runtime: 1 hr 26 mins

What It Is: Young Carly (Winters) is an entitled spoiled teen. One day a radio signal airs over FM signals as well as via television stations. The sound it produces has driven the parents of the world to filicide. For those that are not aware of what that is it is the murdering of one’s own children. Regardless the sound has Carly’s parents Brent (Cage) and Kendall (Blair) trying to permanently silence both her and her little brother Josh (Zackary Arthur). Now they must fight to stay alive again their own parent.s

What We Think: SO this film is straight up nuts. Cage’s often over the top acting works really quite well in the context of this film. Taylor doesn’t try to rein him in. Taylor simply keeps the insanity on topic. Anne Winters is good here but Selma Blair shines. She plays the ennui of suburban life as a mother pitch perfectly. Some of the stunts that occur here are a bit too much and somewhat take away from the overall narrative. Still, it’s an insanely fun time considering.

Our Grade: B-, Nicolas Cage went from the worst film of 2017 Arsenal to this off the wall crazy thing. This was a bit of a surprise for me. When you consider what I’ve said about previous Cage endeavors. Taylor’s other works have a breakneck speed in them. Whether it’s Crank or Gamer there’s an adrenaline rush to it all. I certainly recommend this film. It by no means reinvents the wheel but instead takes those wheels and turns the speed up on them. Also I really REALLY appreciated that this films pulled no punches in regards to it’s violence, especially again children. See this one.

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