Review: Phantom Thread

Title: Phantom Thread
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Starring: Vicky KriepsDaniel Day-LewisLesley Manville
Runtime: 2 hr 10 mins

What It Is: Reynolds Woodcock (Day-Lewis) is a world-renowned dressmaker. He dressed every woman from Queens and Princesses to the richest and most posh England has to offer. When he meets waitress Alma (Krieps) he is infatuated with her. With her help and the help of his assistant Cyril (Manville) Reynolds looks to continue making the world’s best dresses. But will his obsessive need for perfection and unflinching work ethic cost him both his business and the woman he adores?

What We Think: Paul Thomas Anderson continues to impress. Not only does the film look gorgeous it flows with the skill of a veteran director such as PTA. Daniel Day-Lewis is once again brilliant here. Capturing every nuance of the man written on the page and taking Reynolds to places other actors never would’ve thought. One scene, in particular, stands out. It’s a third act scene that still has me thinking about it. Vicky Krieps is GREAT…not just good, GREAT! This continues PTA’s long line of getting excellent work out of his actresses. He pushed both non-actor Joanna Newsom to some good work and made Kathrine Waterston a commodity with Inherent Vice. Emily Watson’s best performance is arguably in Punch-Drunk Love. 

Our Grade: A, Another stellar addition to the PTA filmography and YET ANOTHER flawless work from the master himself Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis. Leslie Manville also deserves her credit for a great supporting turn as Reynolds’ trusty sidekick Cyril. A film so chock full of minutiae that it had to be PTA. It’s that attention to detail I love about him. Lest we forget about the intoxicating sexuality prevalent here. The quiet things no one says, the touches unmade or unreciprocated. An easy recommendation.

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