Review: Off the Menu

Title: Off the Menu
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Jay Silverman
Starring: Santino FontanaDania RamirezMakenzie Moss
Runtime: 1 hr 36 mins

What It Is: When a lazy heir to a faux-Mexican fast food chain Joel (Fontana) is sent out to the southwest to look for new flavors and dishes. When Joel gets stuck in a small New Mexican town he discovers two things he never expected. First the food at a small local restaurant named after it’s owner Javiera. Secondly, Javiera herself, instead of the traditional abuelita (grandmother) look one would assume an owner of such an establishment would have Javiera is a young, beautiful single mother known throughout New Mexico for her signature, homegrown green chilis. The chilis, however, aren’t the only thing heating up.

What We Think: There are several instances of a cliche within this romantic comedy, but I nonetheless enjoyed this film very much! Santino Fontana, known for his role in Frozen is very charming. Dania Ramirez feels inspired here and I very much enjoyed her here. Silverman gives us some good work behind the camera. Looking at the script there’s SOME lazy writing but Jennifer Goldson’s words build a decent story around a fun premise for a familiar story.

Our Grade: B-, It breaks no real new ground in its genre but it’s harmless and fun. Don’t watch this one on an empty stomach. Seriously la comida se ve muy bien. Which means that the food looks really good. I found myself charmed by the small town vibe, Dania Ramirez’ easy charisma and an overall positive vibe throughout. Check this one out once your cable or internet provider stops doing so. If you like romantic comedies you’ll enjoy this. I can give a recommendation that you see this one for sure, especially you foodie weirdos out there.

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