Review: Lost Face (Short Film)

Title: Lost Face
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Sean Meehan
Starring: Gerald AugerDaryl BensonMorris Birdyellowhead
Runtime: 14 mins

What It Is: When several French fur thieves get captured by the native people they hired to build a snow fort. Subienkow, literally the only one of the thieves alive is captured and is now being tortured. As a means to escape this torture, Subienkow attempts to trick the natives by telling them he knows of a potion to make the skin of a human immune to sharp objects. Now he attempts to bargain his way to a better life at the expense of the natives.

What We Think: A solid short film that delivers it’s narrative well in it’s short(ish) 14-minute runtime. The acting is solid throughout and one had to really appreciate the production using real first nation actors. That decision more than any other brought a real authenticity to the production. It’s a beautifully shot piece. One director Meehan should be proud of, especially because he was also his own cinematographer. Martin Dubreuil is a convincingly slimy man as Subienkow. You kind of believe him. But throughout you know that MAYBE his claims are all bullshit. Who can tell though, given his convincing nature? 

Our Grade: B+, A really good short! Thanks to the San Diego International Film Festival for exposing us to this one! It’s was truly a good one! If you wanna check it out yourself you’ll have to wait for distribution. Currently the short is on the festival circuit. We’ll keep you updated as we get them via social media. This is certainly a film I recommend. From it’s snow-covered aesthetic to it’s easy to fit in runtime this film gives a bigger feel than the 14 minutes were in the film. Also the ending will leave you profoundly confused in all of the best ways.

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