Review: A Winter Rose

Title: A Winter Rose
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Riz Story
Starring: Kim Whalen, Taryn ManningBilly Zane
Runtime: 1 hr 39 mins

What It Is: Rose (Whelan) is a very VERY talented young woman. She’s a great singer, she is also an equally excellent alcoholic. The young songstress is completely dependent on whiskey for breakfast and a little more liquid courage throughout her day. When a very famous singer and idol to Winter named Rachal Love (Theresa Russell) gets a cancer diagnosis she needs someone to fill in for her. An opportunity each and every potential star singer could only dream to be given. Every singer that is but Winter who’s more than content with her alcoholism and self-doubt.

What We Think: This is not a particularly strong film. Its script is weak, it’s performances nothing to write home about and the music blase, to say the least. It just is. There are times when the film very much wants to tug on your emotions and it never delivers. There are some good performances here but once again nothing stands out as anything one could consider…special. No instead this feels anything but that. Big “stars” like Manning and Zane are essentially wasted.

Our Grade: C-, I am not certain I can recommend this to anyone. It’s an okay film and some may find some enjoyment in it. This would more than likely stem from the music more than the performances. This is Whelan’s “star turn” and don’t get me wrong she’s good but this is by no means the star turn it wants to be. Riz Story tries really hard here but there’s just nothing for him to really do behind the camera. Instead maybe check out something else instead. Either way, it’s a smaller film that if you DO want to check it out is available on VOD.

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