Review: The Bachelors

Title: The Bachelors
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Kurt Voelker
Starring: J.K Simmons, Julie Delpy, Josh Wiggins
Runtime: 1 hr 39 mins

What It Is: Following the death of his mother teenager Wes (Wiggins) is forced to move to Los Angeles with his father Bill (Simmons) he’s now going to an all-boys school. When Wes is forced to help out struggling student Lacy (Odeya Rush) who attends his French class as a part of an exchange with a local all-girls school. Meanwhile, Bill, who teaches math at this same school seems to be smitten by French instructor Carine (Delpy) even if he may not be able to let himself be with her.

What We Think: This film is absolutely killer! Not only is the acting just top notch but the script is well-written and a genuine joy throughout. Performances from top to bottom carry the film. Delpy and Simmons have an excellent chemistry, Wiggins and Rush and exuberant and fresh there’s just a sweetness surrounding the unfortunate darkness these characters have to live with. It’s messages on grief and overcoming it are poignant and overall I am totally rewatching this one! It’s an absolute pleasure of a film.

Our Grade: A, This film here is just absolutely fantastic! I cannot recommend this one highly enough. When you have the talent that this film brings to the forefront all it takes is some great direction. Voelker does exactly that! This film won the Best Narrative Feature at the San Diego Film Festival and after seeing it I can say this was a worthwhile selection. Obviously, I’m going to recommend you check this one out for sure! Finding the film may prove difficult but I’m certain it’s on VOD somewhere near you. Wiggins and Simmons here equal Ronan and Metcalf in Lady Bird just change out the femininity for masculinity. And this film isnt AS GOOD as Gerwig’s piece.

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