Review: Pitch Perfect 3

Title: Pitch Perfect 3
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Trish Sie
Starring: Anna KendrickRebel WilsonBrittany Snow
Runtime: 1 hr 33 mins

What It Is: Oh my god they’re back again! The Barden Bellas have once again returned following the events of Pitch Perfect 2. We pick up on Beca, Chloe and Fat Amy (Kendrick, Snow, and Wilson) several years later. They’ve been invited to a “reunion” at Barden by the leader of the “new” Bellas Emily (Steinfeld) whom we met in the second film. Reunion however probably wasn’t the right word. This realization of their own aging doesn’t sit well with the Bellas who go out on a USO tour in order to feel better about themselves.

What We Think: This is a marketed improvement over the previous one. As ever the music scenes have an invigorating sense about them. From a storytelling perspective is where we find some of the problems. There are way too many subplots. That was something that plagued the second a bit, but that film had larger problems, namely the direction. Even that spotty storytelling can’t hurt the great characters that are the Barden Bellas. They still have a charm to them and Rebel Wilson is still, at times, funny.

Our Grade: B-, Its fun. So sue me. I didn’t know some of the songs because I’m just not a pop music person but I loved their rhythm and the whole familial feel. They’re sisters and that’s what the film does well. It continues that narrative. Sie was a good choice here given her background in music videos and you have a great combination that works really well. I’m thankful that this is perhaps the last film in the franchise because they went out on a bit more of a bang instead of the whimper left by the first sequel.

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