Review: Thumper

Title: Thumper
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Jordan Ross
Starring: Eliza TaylorPablo Schreiber, Daniel Webber
Runtime: 1 hr 33 mins

What It Is: Kat (Taylor) is a new girl in town. A town with a big drug problem. Wyatt (Schreiber) is the biggest and best cook around and he’s got his dealers Troy (Grant Harvey) and Beaver (Webber) on the jump and when is slightly paranoid about, of course, everything. When Kat begins to get closer she’ll realize that perhaps Wyatt is a bit more dangerous than she thought. Now the dark secret she holds might come to light and that could prove rather deadly for her.

What We Think: I’d like to start this by saying that I had no clue what the film was going to be about, nor what it was about when I watched it. Having said that Pablo Schreiber is revelatory. He’s let down by the cliches of the script and the direction but Jesus Crice! This guy is frightening! Taylor is good but the plot suffers a ton from a lack of understanding pacing. Particularly in it’s middle it sags. It’s ending is a bit too cliched as well and ruins all the good fortune the film had built up.

Our Grade: C-, A bit of a disappointment this is decent if unspectacular crime drama that features at its core a show-stealing performance. I can’t wait to see what Schreiber will do with Den of Thieves. Working with and against such a magnetic cast should bring out his best. As for this-this will prove useful on demand, which is where most of you will find it. I can give a slight recommendation to this especially if you want to see Porn-Stache from Orange is the New Black in a completely different light. That’s exactly what you get here!

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