Review: The Only Living Boy in New York

Title: The Only Living Boy in New York
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Callum TurnerKate BeckinsalePierce Brosnan
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: Thomas (Turner) is a neurotic young man who has a crush on a lovely classmate named Mimi (Kiersey Clemons). One evening Thomas and Mimi are having a friendly dinner and they spot Thomas’ father Ethan (Brosnan) with another woman that isn’t his mother. This woman Johanna (Beckinsale) is beautiful and somewhat younger. Now Thomas has turned his attention to his father’s mistress while getting advice from his new neighbor an author of books named W.F. Gerald (Jeff Bridges).

What We Think: They’ve taken a tune I consider my favorite from Simon and Garfunkel’s canon and turned into a terrible film. Not only is the twist at the end terribly predictable but the script pretty much points it all midway through the first act. This is mostly a film that just isn’t very good. Bridges is endearing but at this point in his career, he saves most films he’s in despite their quality. Turner is a very irritating person as Thomas. There’s really nothing redeeming about especially not once the narrative kicks into full gear.

Our Grade: D+, There’s literally nothing more annoying then some of the scenes of utter insincerity this film tries to convey. Where there should be emotions none are to be found. Where one would normally find solace or relatability there’s instead nothingness. I cannot with any manner of good conscience recommend this particular film. Not only will traditional audience find it a futile exercise but even those seeking out more independent fair will simply just hate what this brings to the table. This is a definite skip. I cannot recommend. Also wtf Kate Beckinsale you were in such a groove.