Review: Only the Brave

Title: Only the Brave
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Starring: Josh BrolinMiles TellerJeff Bridges
Runtime: 2 hr 14 mins

What It Is: Based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of elite hotshots that were the first local branch of hotshots in United States history. We see the journey from a simple team to an elite squad. Lead by Eric Marsh (Brolin) and his right-hand man Jesse Steed (James Badge Dale). As the team finds itself in need of one more person the reformed meth addict Brendan (Teller) somehow get an interview and makes it to the team.

What We Think: We know how this story ends, since it’s based on a true story. That doesn’t take away from the emotional oomph Kosinski brings to the whole affair. You’re with these characters and that’s because of the fantastic performances, sure-handed direction, and some killer cinematography to top it all off. I was surprised by that but also loved where the film took me emotionally. There were decisions made here that I thought was stellar. One of those decisions was Miles Teller being cast as Brendan. Maybe this guy is what we think he is. A truly great actor, who definitely has a future.

Our Grade: A-, Rarely does a film like this find its way into a positive section of my opinion. Normally I find these real-life stories too manipulative and try hard but here everyone does their job to an amazing degree. I can recommend this film very highly and if it is playing near you definitely check it out! I’ll leave you with the fact that these brave men and woman risk themselves for us and for a story like this to get told is amazing! Hearts out to everyone in the Southern Arizona area these men were your heroes for sure!