Review: Lemon

Title: Lemon
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Janizca Bravo
Starring: Brett GelmanJudy Greer, Michael Cera
Runtime: 1 hr 23 mins

What It Is: Isaac (Gelman) is having a pretty bad time. Not only is he stuck in quite the rut with his job but his girlfriend of 10 years Ramona (Greer) just left him. Now as his life is spiraling he’s getting confronted by the fact that his acting career is pretty much over. Now while at a family reunion it’s become very clear he’s source of disappointment for his entire family. Now with a new love interest in the picture, Isaac isn’t sure what’s next.  

What We Think: Yeah, no I HATE this movie. There’s way too much hipster pretention in this one. Once again Michael Cera is in it. Much like Person to Person, I’m sensing a theme. Brett Gelman is an irritant with his role as Isaac and he’s in no way likable. Really you’re just like hey bad stuff is happening to this dude, cool. Nia Long is pretty good as Cleo, so for that, the film won’t be a total loss. Also, Judy Greer is good, as per usual.  God, I really hated Michael Cera in this film. Like so much.

Our Grade: D, So hard pass on this one. I really cannot stand this film and it’s central theme of “Oh I’m so sad please help me!” It’s literally a pit of despair for anyone with dreams. Bravo is good, but perhaps better suited for television because her work on both Atlanta and Divorce were both great. So check out her episodes of those shows. As for her feature directorial debut definitely go ahead and pass. There’s a ton of stuff to watch that isn’t this. Just go ahead and check ANY of those out. For sure.

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