Review: Cold Moon

Title: Cold Moon
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Griff Furst
Starring: Josh StewartCandy ClarkRobbie Kay
Runtime:  1 hr 32 mins

What It Ss: After the brutal murder and disappearance of Margaret Larkin, her brother (Rushing) and her grandmother (Clark) stop at nothing to find her killer. Meanwhile, the ghost of Margaret and the undead come back and seek revenge for her murder.

What We Think: I believe this film has an interesting premise but the execution feels a miss. It is promoted as from the writer of a Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice and it is obvious in the tone and style. There are some sequences where the murderer sees these undead creatures coming after him and they look straight out of Beetlejuice and Nightmare. The story is very predictable; it is something you have definitely seen before. That being said, it has some interesting scares and some jump scares that are done differently but they are mostly cheap jump scares queued by the sudden loud music. The beginning of the film was very rough and cheesy at moments but as the story progressed it began to settle into the tone and style it’s trying to convey. I feel that this movie wastes the talent of Christopher Lloyd especially because he is barely in the film. It’s a film where you will enjoy the over-the-top moments with a group of friends.

Grade: C-, Overall, I believe this film is fun and people can certainly get enjoyment out of it. It’s something that that has some chilling imagery and some good jump scares. I see this movie being on Netflix while a group of friends gathers to watch it for a Halloween horror movie marathon. I wouldn’t say it’s worth seeing in theaters but worth the money on VOD.

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