Review: Carol

Title: Carol
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Todd Haynes
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Kyle Chandler
Runtime: 1 hr 58 mins

What It Is: In 1950’s America we are introduced to Therese (Mara) a young department store clerk who becomes infatuated with an older woman named Carol Aird (Blanchett) after a chance meeting at her job. This starts to blossom into more than just a simple curiosity. Carol, going through a separation/divorce from her husband is having to deal with those consequences. As the women, now in different parts of their lives deal with all of their issues will their romance have to take a backseat? Will the 1950’s homophobia succeed in tearing them apart?

What We Think: Beautiful in its execution, and a marvel of subtle direction. Todd Haynes really does perhaps his best work here. That’s saying a lot given his almost flawless filmography. Here’s the thing though it is completely let down by its script. Pacing is an issue thanks to that lackluster written screenplay. Having never read the Patricia Highsmith novel it is based on I have no idea if this is part of the solution of the problem. Performances are where this film really shines. From its two lady leads to the supporting characters everyone here brought them A game. Blanchett is amazing as usual and Rooney Mara downplays the heck out of her performance. She is a marvel here. Sarah Paulson and Kyle Chandler are amazing in their support.

Our Grade: B-, Too slowly paced to not be snooze-inducing. As mentioned above though it is artistic as all hell in the way it is shot. Held together by great preformances but let down by its scrpti. I am going to recommend everyone check this out because it is so damn well crafted, but for people who do not enjoy the slower pace they’ll find this problematic to get through.