Review: Creed

Title: Creed
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Ryan Coogler
Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson
Runtime: 2 hr 13 mins

What It Is: When Adonis “Donny” Johnson (Jordan) is about 9 years old he’s saved from the foster care system by a woman. Donny does not realize that this woman is actually the wife of his father Apollo Creed, the legendary boxer. Adonis himself is trying to make a name for himself in boxing, but when he decides to do so professionally he’ll need help from some friends. Donny heads to Philadelphia to meet former Heavyweight champ Rocky Balboa (Stallone) in order to try and have the Italian Stallion train him.

What We Think: Creed is an emotional rush, an adrenaline rush and perhaps one of the year’s best. This is the type of film the edge of your seat is made for. As a man whose father recently passed there were no shortages of emotion and Coogler brilliantly films this all. Up to and including a one shot boxing match that would even make Scorcese jealous. There’re some stellar performances here Michael B. Jordan continues to just kill it in almost everything he’s in. This year’s Fantastic Four notwithstanding. Even in last year’s by the numbers comedy That Awkward Moment this guy shines. Sylvester Stallone is gunning for a freaking Oscar with his turn here. Sly completely understands this character and is comfortable in the champs skin. Tessa Thompson (Dear White People) is also really convincing with this film.

Our Grade: A, I think at this point in our review we’re certainly aware of whether or not I am going to recommend this to all you fine folks.  This is the best the series has been since the original 1976 film. Do not be surprised if this movie receives some hits come Oscar time, primarily among those Sylvester Stallone for Best Supporting Actor. For the seventh film in this franchise the old Stallion and the youn Buck show this series isn’t down for the count just yet!


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