Review: We Are Still Here

Title: We Are Still Here
MPAA Rating: Not Rated (But probably R)
Director: Ted Geoghegan
Starring: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie
Runtime: 1 hour 24 mins

What It Is: The Sacchetti’s have just moved into an old house following the death of their son. As they move their stuff into this cold little New England town they start to hear the reasons the house was so cheap, and also why no one lives there. It turns out that back this home holds a dark secret, one that will slowly unravel itself. Now the grieving couple must deal with whatever it is that inhabit the house along with having to cope with the loss of their son.

What We Think: Right from the jump we get something I wish more horror films would give us…establishing shots. It sets up the tone for the entire movie. When dealing with the actual meat of this thing there is a palpable tension. As things unfold you just seem to grasp your seat a little tighter, perhaps a lump begins to develop in your throat. From an acting standpoint, it’s superior to most other horror films out these days, but not great. Where this thing excels is Geoghegan’s direction. He’s refreshing in his movements, and coupled with it’s snowy setting and foggy cinematography it builds up the isolation.

Our Grade: B+, Really an enjoyable piece of horror fiction. I can’t wait to see what Ted Geoghegan does next. He seems to have an eye for tension and gives interesting looks. I can recommend this one to anyone who like a scare or two with their movie watching experience. There’s plenty of blood and gore to likewise satiate all you savages out there. Check it out if you’re still in the mood for the Halloween spirit, which if you’re like me you always are.

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