DVD Review: The End of the Tour

Title: The End of the Tour:
MPAA Rating: R
Director: James Ponsoldt
Starring: Jason Segal, Jesse Eisenberg, Mamie Gummer
Runtime: 1 hr 46 mins
What It Is: Thinking this could be his ticket to the big time Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky (Eisenberg) wants to interview the author of the modern literary monolith that is Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace (Segal).During their five-day excursion with one and other they will learn that perhaps the packages they present are not really who they are. As we go through what is only about a week we’re invited into the world of the genius that is, and was David Foster Wallace.

What We Think: Jason Segal is great here! It burns slowly through its script based on the book written by David Lipsky. Ponsoldt sort of just lets the words and actions play out rather naturally and that seems to work for the material. Highlighting the great performances of its two lead actors, and really drawing you into the characters. You aren’t sure if you like either lead for most of the film, but you cannot help but be drawn in. Perhaps the film dawdles for a bit too much, but I think that stems from the writing more than anything.

Our Grade: B-, I like the film and like Set Fire to the Stars it deals with an odd literary figure. Much the same this one gives evidence to what the future holds in its ending. Unlike that film, however, this film has so much substance, and its acting is incredibly good. There is so much here to like and you don’t have to wait long to find out! I’m going to recommend this film all you have to do is either find it on VOD or in a Redbox near you. If for no other reason simply to watch Jason Segal just kill it!



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