Review: Back in Time

Title: Back in Time
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Jason Aron
Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson
Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins
What It Is: This documentary comes on the heels of Back to the Future day as well as the sudden uptick in popularity of the BTTF franchise. We get a look at the culture that surrounds the fandom as well as its effect on the pop culture zeitgeist. What an impact it is. Without the film, the DeLorean would long be a dead relic of its time, and without the DeLorean the film doesn’t have the same charm. Including interview from cast crew and famous fans, this is the BTTF doc its fans have waited for.

What We Think: This is a completely hollow film. It is essentially just a cash-in on BTTF day. It isn’t really all that interesting, and, in fact, I started to wander while watching it. It could have used a bit of polish before it was finished. Perhaps more gathering of thoughts to allow for a better-flowing documentary. That’s the biggest sin here, it’s all over the place. Jason Aron, buddy, this really had potential, but it was all squandered, badly. As a huge fan, it of the BTTF franchise getting to hear from other, more rich and famous fans about the films’ impact on them was a nice touch.

Our Grade: C-, I cannot recommend this to anyone outside of the hardcore BTTF fans. Perhaps the most important thing it does is really break down the importance of the DeLorean and how much it truly means to the franchise. Likewise, it was really cool to note how much these films mean to people currently working in the industry. This film is currently on Netflix so if you are a truly huge fan of the trilogy check it out, and as I said if you’re not you can probably skip this.

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