Review: The Gallows

Title: The Gallows
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing
Starring: Reese Mishler, Pfeifer Brown, Ran Shoos
Runtime: 1 hr 21 mins

What It Is: In 1993 during a high school production of a play called The Gallows. When one of the students in the play dies due to an accident involving the hangman’s noose set it shocks the entire audience. Now over twenty years later they’re performing the play again. With the memories of that faithful night still fresh in some people’s minds is it really such a good idea to do this again? When two students go to the darkened auditorium on the eve of the first performance they get a message that would suggest it isn’t.

What We Think: This is thankfully a rather short film. At only 81 minutes i’m completely surprised they got that much out of this terrible idea. First and foremost the idea itself is ludicrous, and additionally unrealistic. There is no school district so inept, even here in Nevada that would allow something like that to happen. Those motivation are never expressly addressed either, they’re just sort of touched on as a throwaway. All of the characters are so unbelievably dumb, inconsequential, and irritating that you don’t care at all what happens to them.

Our Grade: F, Haven’t handed out one of these in a while. This film made it easy to hand it out though. What were they thinking narratively? What the fuck was the point of this? I normally keep it PG in my reviews, but honestly this is a gigantic turd. There’s nothing here, nothing at all. Not even the biggest horror fan can enjoy this because it isn’t scary, it doesn’t thrill, it just exists. Credit to Blumhouse for turning little more then 100,000 into a 20 million dollar box-office. That perhaps says more about the current state of the horror audience. Marketed as a horror flick and the teenage crowd will flock to spend their daddies money. I cannot recommend this film and may your deity have mercy on your soul.   

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