Reivew: 50/50

Title: 50/50
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Jonathan Levine
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen
Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes

What it is? Adam Learner (Gordon-Levitt) is a young man, seemingly healthy. He kind of lives with Rachel (Bryce Dallas Howard), his girlfriend and his best friend, Kyle (Rogen) works with him.

After going to the doctor following some back pains he has been having, he is given the news that he has a rare type of cancer, due to a tumor on his spine. In order to reduce the tumor, he must undergo chemotherapy. Adam is now living the life of a cancer patient.

Armed with medications and a therapist (Anna Kendrick), he now has to deal with his worry-wort mother (Anjelica Huston), who has to care for Adam’s father, who has Alzheimer’s Disease. On his other side, Kyle, who has no problem milking the fact that he is helping his friend with his cancer, to get sex.

What We Think? I saw this movie, by myself. Which is odd. I usually refuse to go see movies by myself. It’s depressing, and wierd. If I do, then the movie must have a strong hold on me. 50/50, definitely did.

At the helm of the ship was Jonathan Levine, who directed the fantastic indie film, The Wackness(Josh Peck, Ben Kingsley) and the 2006 Amber Heard film, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. To say he is an underrated director, is incorrect. With this film, Levine has proved that he can direct GREAT films. His upcoming Warm Bodies project, I am keeping my eye on, and I do believe everyone else should too.

JGL – those three letters are going to mean ALOT more in the coming years. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of one of my favorite films, (500) Days of Summer brings out the big guns in this movie. The raw emotion, the hilarity, the awkwardness of his character, was extremely well done on his part. He was part of one of the biggest movies of last year, Inception. He has continued to make great film choices. It was great acting all around.

Alot of people thought that this was going to be more of a funny film than anything. But they were able to balance the two out perfectly. It’s more a drama than a comedy. The use of Seth Rogen in the film wasn’t overwhelming, in the slightest. Usually when I see Rogen on screen, I know that eventually, I will get sick of him. This isn’t the case. The comedy was never fully focused on Rogen.

Anna Kendrick, is to be praised as well. She was able to make some of the most memorable, sweetest scenes. She set the tone for the entire film. She was the sweet comedic side to the movie. While Rogen was the vulgar, dirty side. And Levitt, was just all reaction and quirkiness. Some of the best scenes were between Levitt and Kendrick.

Our Grade: A+, Incredible story of a cancer patient looking for the silver lining in a very dark cloud. When you laugh, it’s a good laugh. When it’s emotional, you share it with the character. A strong film, I suggest to everyone.


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