Review: Easier With Practice

Title: Easier With Practice
MPAA Rating: NR
Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Starring: Brian Geraghty, Kel O’Neill
Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes

What it is? Let me introduce to you, a writer by the name of Davy Mitchell (Geraghty). He writes little collections of short stories and is currently on the the road with his brother, Sean (O’Neill) speaking and selling some of his books at little get together. Davy, is a mild-mannered simpleton, who is very set in who he is. He is not a ladie’s man, and at times, can make even the most awkward situations, well…more awkward. Until one specific night.After checking into a hotel on their little road trip from town to town, the phone to their hotel room rings, while it’s only Davy in the room. On the other end, a sultry sounding woman by the name of Nichole. What follows, is a small phone sex conversation. The two brothers continue their road trip with Nichole and Davy keeping in contact, and in almost every occassion, end up having phone sex. But Davy’s patience is to be tested, when unforseen roadblocks stand in his way.

What We Think? So it’s a Thursday, but windy morning here in Fargo, North Dakota. I wake up and decide to see what’s on Netflix. What I see is Brian Geraghty’s face laying on a blue background with a phone laying next to him. I am all of a sudden interested.

Geraghty’s other works don’t include anything terribly impressive. He’s been in the film scene since early 2000. His biggest film, was co-starring in Kathryn Bigelow’s Academy Award winning, The Hurt Locker. His performance to me, was equal to or greater than Jeremey Renner’s. All around, he’s a great actor, very under-utilized, but cast so perfectly in this film. Easier With Practice is pre-Hurt Locker and definitely shows the chops, he has.

The film is very easy to follow and every performance has a touch of elegance, especially with a premise that seems so raunchy. Alvarez’s directorial debut could’ve been an Apatow film, but he chose to take a high road, making it sweet and if anything, tender.

If you like indie films then this is one you need to check out. An overall great feel.

Our Grade: A-, This film is at times a great comedic source, and at other times, can be very tense. When there is tension, you can feel the tension, when there is happiness, you can feel joy. Far from just a road trip film, it has a nice substance and a great premise, and matching dialogue to boot. Great film to check out.


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