William Snob Suggestion: Lovely, Still

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These are our Snob Suggestions…

Title:  Lovely, Still
Director:  Nik Fackler
Year: 2008
Starring: Martin Landau, Ellen Burstyn
MPAA Rating: PGWilliam Says: Robert Malone is an elderly, lonely grocery bagger. His life as normal as you or I. Until one night he meets his new neighbor Mary, and the two  instantly hit it off. Suddenly Robert is swept up in feelings someone of his age shouldn’t be naive to, but he is, and that’s the beauty in his every emotional nuance.  In a whirlwind affair normally reserved for people not of AARP age. This film shows that no matter the age, nor situation love conquers all.

Lovely, Still was written and directed by first timer Nik Fickler, and stars Oscar winners Martin Landau (Best Supporting Actor 1994 for Ed Wood), and Ellen Burstyn (1974 for Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore). With fine actors like this you’d think this film is gunna be at least okay, well your wrong because the material is excellent as well. This makes the feel a powerhouse of well-acted material that will have even the coldest of hearts warmed. Elizabeth Banks, and Adam Scott provide really nice additional characters.  In addition the superb soundtrack spearheaded by Bright Eyes members Mike Mogis, and Nate Walcott. The soundtrack also features an exclusive track from Bright Eyes themselves, of should I say himself?

What make Lovely, Still really stick out is it’s stellar denouement, which will have you in one of two moods, one of sheer surprise, or profound happiness. I lend a warning this one may end up a four hanky film by it’s finish. And though one of it’s biggest knocks is its heavily loaded second act, I’m sure Fackler wouldn’t have it any other way. So by all means cuddle up with the girl (or guy) you love grabs some popcorn (or whatever you like) and enjoy a thoroughly well-thought out romance film that will give you a hope that love shall find you no matter what.

Lovely, Still is available on Netflix Instant Stream as of publishing