Review: The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Title: The Disappearance of Alice Creed
MPAA Rating: R
Director: J Blakeson
Starring: Gemma Arterton, Martin Compston, Eddie Marsan
Runtime: 1 hr 36 minutesWhat It Is? Young Alice Creed (Gemma Arterton) has just been kidnapped and now lies in the back of an unmarked white van with a potato sack on her head. She is now in an apartment in god knows where being tied to a bed by two men whose names we later learn are Danny and Vic. These two assailants have handpicked Alice for their crime. Taking her because her father is wealthy, or so says Danny. Now Vic trust him fully, and you’ll learn why. We won’t give that away now, needless to say Danny isn’t a stranger to Alice. As they meticulously plot and plan the events that will unfold the two thugs become less and less in control of the situation as Alice becomes increasingly bolder. But what happens to Alice as she struggles to make her way out of this rabbit hole.

What We Think? While the twisting plot, and unique three person narrative make for simple direction for Blakeson, some of the action and actions seem too over the top to really feel believable in the space given. Especially when you consider this film is shot in a way to convince us that this space is reality. As farfetched as the material can sometimes get, and with an ending that leaves you wondered and somewhat fulfilled I couldn’t get over some of the things that played out. While it’s certainly a unique thriller it lacks the believability to keep you interested in the space occurring which is what you need in a thrilled to really make the suspense kick.

Our Score: C+, unique approach, and a quick direction style don’t make up for the over the top writing, and Arterton’s frequent overacting. What I will say is this The Disapperance of Alice Creed is one of the best thrillers I’ve ever seen with only three cast members. I think that that fact alone is really intriguing, and makes you wonder if Gemma Arterton hadn’t overacted so very very much. Either way Alice Creed’s disapperance is one that is worth a check out if you’re into a decent thriller with a fulfilling ending.